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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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I was traveling with my friend around Bosnia in May 2013 and I speak local language. We change a lot of cars and heard a lot of stories from drivers. When we traveled from Gradiska, Banja Luka to Sarajevo, in this part of Bosnia people are a little bit afraid to pick you up. They said to me like some people that was hitchhiking robe some drivers and they are afraid to pick up hitchhikers but truck drivers are not so afraid so try more with them, you do not have anything to lose just ask every car on petrol station. Area around Sarajevo and toward Tuzla and forward Croatia are better for hitchhikikng people are more friendly in this area. Area around Mostar, they also said to me some stories about accidents with hitchhikers. They only have this accidents with local people that were hitchhiking, there were not problems with foreigners. Even that we heard all this stories we always catch rides and you will always find some good people to help you. Sometimes you will wait few minutes, sometimes one hour or more but you will find your way.
When we went from Banja Luka to Sarajevo it was not so easy to catch ride in Travnik. We really stuck in Travnik, first we were at end of city at big bus station and it is very good place to hitchhike but a lot of cars were driving to Sarajevo and they did not want to stop. So we move after one hour and something to different place at entrance of city. In Travnik you have at beginning of city one petrol station and it is good place to hitchhike but very small number of cars are stopping here on petrol station and even that a lot of cars were going in direction of Sarajevo nobody did not want to stop again. So we were in Travnik for 5 hours waiting for our savior and he finally pick us up on petrol station and drove us right to Sarajevo.
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