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Buenos Aires

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One of the best spots is Lujan paytoll (Peaje Lujan). You can take bus 57 and ask to be dropped at the toll. There are many different routes of Bus nr. 57, and it is convenient that you take the one leaving from Moreno. Once a bus driver told that only the ones leaving from Moreno have official stop at the paytoll because they take the workers there. The same bus driver, on a Bus nr. 57, leaving from Miserere, Capital Federal wanted to refuse to stop at the toll. In the end he stopped anyways.
Another good spot is the YPF petrol station of San Andres de Giles, most of the trucks that are going west stop there because the gasoil is cheaper than the Shell petrol station near Lujan. To go there take the bus 267 from the bus terminal of Lujan and ask the driver to drop you at the YPF petrol station of San Andres de Giles.
You can go to Moreno by train from Estacion Once and then change there to bus 57, route "Rapido". Estacion Once can be reached via the Subte getting off at Estacion Once (Linea H) or Plaza Miserere (Linea A).

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