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North America

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[[File:Kasper-hitch-nh.jpg|thumb|250px|[[User:guaka|guaka]]<small><sup>[ site], [[User talk:guaka|wikitalk]]</sup></small> hitching in [[New England]], [[United States of America|United States]], taken by [[User:Amylin|amylin]], September 2007]]
Hitchhiking in '''North America''' has a long tradition. Though in recent times it has become harder. In some states in the [[United States of America|United States]] (such as [[New York StateIdaho]] or [[ArizonaKansas]]) the police are really harsh on hitchhikers, some others, like [[Oregon]] and [[Missouri]], where it's even legal to walk on the freeway, are really friendly though.
Hitchhiking in the [[United States]], [[Canada]] , and [[Mexico]] is a lot easiereasy.
== Countries ==

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