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Salt Lake City

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== Hitchhiking out ==
=== West towards [[Wendover]], [[Reno]] ===
There are a few big truck stops at Lakepoint junction about 10 miles west fo Salt Lake. You can reach it by public bus from the city. Its ether 451 or 453 (towards Tooele), or another 454 (to Grantsville). You can take them on North Temple street, just north of the temple square in Salt lake downtown. Its a normal ~2$ bus fare. Note that there are only a few buses a day, one yearly in the morning and several in the afternoon, so you have to organize yourself.
When at the truck stops you can try to ask around or make a sign going "west". The spot is not perfect as most of trafic going towards the city, but you might get lucky and someone going the other way will notice you (it took me 4 hours waiting to get a ride to Nevada)
=== East towards [[Park City]], [[Wyoming]] ===

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