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== Hitching out ==
===South West towards [[Urumia]] and southeastern [[Turkey]] or Iranian Kurdistan [[Sanandaj]], [[Kermanshah]] and [[Hamadan]]===
Take the western ring road, from the centre you easily find public buses, ask for the railway station and stay on the bus until it turns out from the main road. At Serdrud village starts the motorway coming from the southern ring road. Start to hitch here.
Traffic will keep very high, and majority of cars stopping will be taxis but with a clear panel "No taxi", better written in Persian, you will call the attention and people should easily stop and pick you up.
Before Mamaghan you will find the junction, to Urumia and Turkey or Miyandoab and Iranian Kurdistan.
===South East towards [[Zanjan]] and [[Tehran]] ===Take the eastern ring road, there are buses, taxis for less than eur 0.50, or trucks you can hitch. Go till most eastern point of the city, where it starts the southern ring road, at that junction start the motorway to Zandaj, and you should be out of taxis, the same panel, no taxi will help you as well.
=== North towards [[Khoy]] and eastern Turkey or [[Jolfa]] , [[Azerbaijan]] and [[Armenia]] ===
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