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'''Colorado''' is a state of the [[United States of America|United States]].
== Free/Budget Public transport Transport ==
The traveler passing through Denver will be wise to note the presence of several Mexican bus companies. More affordable, more comfortable, more reliable, and with noteably nicer co-passengers than the Dirty Dog (greyhound), these companies can take you to Kansas City, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Southern California, and of course, Mexico. If you've got a few bucks and you don't feel like thumbing your way out of suburban sprawl, head over the area between Welton and Champa between 19th and 22nd streets. Autobuses Los Paisanos, Los Limosines, Autobuses Americanos and others can get you to Mexico for 50-60 dollars.
There is a bus that runs between [[Fort Collins ]] and [[Loveland ]] with a policy which allows you to ride free if you claim to be 17 or younger.There is a free bus that runs between [[Gunnison]] and [[Crested Butte]]. Ask the locals for detailed schedules.
== Colorado's Front Range ==

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