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Dominican Republic

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== Eating ==
In local restaurants, ask for "plata plato del dia" (plate of the day), and they'll give you a typical dominican meal for a cheap price, mostly 150 pesos. It's usually rice with beans and meat, and a lot. I always asked for a smaller portion, which was still a lot, and 100 pesos.
If you smell the taste of food somewherein smaller towns or the countryside, people eating together in the garden, you're lucky, as you can easily join(just ask for the way, etc.) without being supposed to pay, that's part of the culture and a reason why i wanted to visit this country. Although, it won't happen too often.
If you arrive at a place in the noon around 12 - be it with your lift in a town, with a person you met at a house, or at a friend's place - people will always invite you for lunch without asking.
== Boats out of here ==

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