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Dominican Republic

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Along Hitchhiking in the Dominican Republic is - like in many countries in the [[Caribbean]] - farely common and especially in the evening if people finished work, you can see a lot of people waiting for a lift on the Duarte highway side of the road. They gather at bus stations, I saw up to 50 people standing around one bus station. Sometimes they stick out their thumb, but usually they are just standing there as people know what they are waiting for anyway. Kinda everybody hitched once and picks up hitchhikers. As a white person you get lifts very fast, Locals can wait longer, but I like the atmosphere, that hitchhiking is just a normal thing to do. Not so common like in Cuba, but easier as more people have their own, empty car... There are a lot of pickups, it's happens there are some who just pick up everybody they come across, as much as fit on the back.In the middle of the day, its possible to hitchhikewait longer, as less people are driving long distance when it´s really hot, and as it´s also not too comfortable waiting, although i recommend morning or evening hitchs. Dominicans are very friendly and hospitable people and they´ll probably invite you by times. The most important word to know is "una vola" which means a ride in dominican spanish and makes clear what you want, as many cases people want to help you're expected to pay unless in finding a private vehiclebus.

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