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[[User:Zenit|Zenit]] had a State Trooper define "roadway" as the road itself plus 30 feet to either side which would make hitchhiking impracticable to say the least. Also Zenit has found Northern Illinois to be an enormous pain considering law enforcement; he has been stopped and told that hitchhiking is illegal on any kind of highway at least one time per day. If lucky, you might get a ride out of the cop's area, if not, you'll have to do some walking or keep your head down.
''I have been everywhere in the United States and Illinois is one of the four worst states for hitchhiking. It is even harder than [[Indiana]] and [[Ohio]]. People there here just don't trust strangers at all. As soon as you cross the state line into Missouri (exclusive of Hannibal, that place stinks) or Iowa, hitching gets much easier. I have been kicked out of more truck stops/rest areas in Illinois than in any other stateI can remember. Folks, this is a state that really, really doesn't like hitchhikers.'' [[User:Thewindandrain|Thewindandrain]] ([[User talk:Thewindandrain|talk]]) 17:33, 15 July 2013 (CEST)
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