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== Cities ==
* [[Ulan Bator|Ulaanbaatar]] (capital)
* [[Erdenet]]
* [[Bayan-Ölgii]]
== Roads ==
Mongolia... the land of dusty, unpaved, unmaintained, "roads", in absolutely the worst shape, that this hitchhiker has ever seen (though I've only been to North America, Europe, Russia, and Northern Asia). Also, or maybe because of that, there is next to no traffic on the major thoroughfare across the southern part of the country. People are mostly, quite willing to pick you up, but there just aren't that many people. Walking sometimes staves off the boredom of just sitting and waiting.
There are just a couple hundred km of paved road from [[Ulan Bator|Ulaanbaatar]] in some every geographical directions (exactly one per direction) and that's it. No roads, no signs. The trunk roads out of Ulaanbaatar are paved and reasonably trafficked. Be careful if you walk out of the cities, along the ''roads'' so you don't get lost, and take water with you. Confusingly, names of cities equal names of states, so make sure city and state match.
== Border Crossing ==
=== To [[China]] ===
Hitchhiking from Ulaanbaatar to Zamyn Yyd (Chinese border) is not too difficult. The ''road'' (half of the way down is paved) stays close to the Transmongolian Railway and gives you the security not to die of thirst. [[User:Worldhitch|Worldhitch]] also got a lift by the great Defektoskop train.
=== From [[China]] ===
After crossing the Mongolian-Chinese border, you will be in a small Mongolian city/village. Most people take the train to go to Ulaanbaatar. But tickets might be sold out. [[User:Corrod3|Corrod3]] asked around the train station and found a driver, who was looking for passenger without train ticket to take to Ulaanbaatar to fill-up his car. But he asked for some fuel money. There is not much traffic at all and if you don't find a ride immediately, it might take one or two days. Paveled road will end at the exit of the town and until Choir people just drive through the desert. Expect to be offered a glass of vodka to cheer on good luck for your travel. From Choir there will be some paveled road until Ulaanbaatar. It's recommendable to take only a ride, which goes at least until choir, otherwise you mind end up in the middle of Gobi without anyone around.
== Sleeping ==

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