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Irkeshtam border crossing

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=== Into Kyrgyzstan {{European Route Number|60}} ===
From Kahgar[[Kashgar]], Bus number 2 heading north will take you abit a bit out of the city on the right road. Catch a car or truck, get to the intersection of road 309. There are many small villages on the way, after some 40 km you will reach the intersection of Irkeshtam and Tourgart pass. Make it to [[Ugomchat]], !!IMPORTANT!! The imigration office has moved from the border to Ugomchat, you will need to get your EXIT stamp there. However the Imigration is a bit hidden, about 3 km from the town. A local car might just pass it, and you will arrive 7 hours later at the border told that you have to go back! (yes Yes really) You can easily catch a truck from imigration aswellas well, guards will help you. 5-8 hours truck drive to the border. Border closed weekends. Closes early, at 6 - 6:30 [[Beijing ]] time. At border chinese side there is some kind of accomodation, but also possibility to find abandoned room where you can sleep. The border opens at 11 am beijing time. Guards will get you on a truck across to Kyrgyz side.
=== Into China ===

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