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I'd like to see here information about how to get to Réunion. If there was a hitchhiker's way, this would be great. --[[User:Kb|Kb]] 18:40, 13 January 2009 (UTC)
* Most of the traffic to Réunion is by plane. Even from neighboring Mauritius. The sea is pretty rough in this part of the world and it's a deterent to pleasure travel by people with their own boat. However, there must be **some** rich-people-on-a-private-boat traffic with Mauritius and possibly Madagascar.
I removed the following bit, added by [[User:Louise]], after trying to contact them and nobody replied:
:It's very dangerous to hitchhike in Reunion cause the guys there are very frustrated and can rape you. There is a lot of criminals in the mountains also.
I'll consider it vandalism until someone makes a rational case for it.

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