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|state = North Rhine-Westphalia
|plate = ST
|motorways = [[A31 (Germany){{Ade|A31]]31}}
'''Ochtrup''' is a small town in the north-west of[[North Rhine-Westphalia]], [[Germany]].
In November 2005, after a heavy snow storm, Ochtrup was some days completely off the German power grid. Because of this ''disaster'', the city became well known in Germany.
From the train station, walk to the ''Metelenerstrasse'' to the right. On the left, you see a crossing. Walk to the right (''Brookstrasse'') in direction Rheine. Follow this road straightforwards for around 10-15 minutes. When you reach the L501, you can either choose of going east, or if your destination is Rheine, you can better walk straight forward until the end of town, and from there easily hitch a ride.
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