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=== South towards [[Qom]]-[[Esfahan]] ===
Take the metro to '''Haram-e-Motahhar'''(Red Line). Walk West around Imam Khomeini tomb, and South along the Freeway. After 15 minutes, you'll see the pay-toll.
''Note 1'' : this part of the freeway until Qom is forbidden to trucks, which take the old road. Still, this spot is the best for long distances rides. Catch a lift at least until Qom and ask to be dropped before the paytoll at the entrance of Qom (if your driver leaves the freeway). From there it will be easy to catch a ride further South (Isfahan, Shiraz), including with trucks.
''Note 2'' : many drivers heading to Isfahan will leave the freeway at Qom and use the old road for the rest of the trip because it is cheaper !

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