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=== West towards [[Qazvin]] ===
Take the metro to '''Gholshahr''' (last station of Green Line). Take the Southern exit, turn right and walk about 15 minutes until you reach the highway to Qazvin. Jumb Jump over the small wall and walk another 15 minutes along the freeway until you reach the Police checkpoint.
''Note'' : at this point you are well out of Tehran, in Karaj. It takes around 2 hours to reach this spot from downtown Tehran, but it costs only a metro ticket (300 tomans in May 2012, 0.20$) and the spot is great, because many trucks stop here a few minutes to show their documents to the Police, including a bunch of Turkish drivers who may give you a lift directly to the border.
=== South towards [[Qom]]-[[Esfahan]] ===

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