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=== Registration ===
You need to register at UVViOG if you stay longer than 3 days. If you stay in a hostel or hotel they will do it for you. The registration is $20. You need your registration when you leave the country again. Also this registration is checked very carefully. If you get caught without registration, the fine will be more than €700.
Edit by Hitch-hiker Nalddo : registration is automatic and free when you stay at any licensed hotel / guesthouse and consists of a small piece of paper with your name, passport number, dates of check-in and check-out and stamp of the hotel. Theoretically you may have to show a registration slip for every night spent in Uzbekistan when you leave the country (possibly) or at road checkpoints (unlikely). However it appears than the procedure is now fairly relax for foreigners on a tourist visa and registration slips are almost never checked (in 2011-2012).
== Danger ==

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