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<map lat='65.60' lng='22.13' zoom='11' view='0' country='Sweden' float='right'/>
'''Luleå''' is a town in northern [[Sweden]] counting about 45,500 inhabitants. It is located at the [[:Category:E4|E4]].
===Heading North [[Töre]] or Northeast to [[Finland]]===
The best place to start north out of Luleå is a small roundabout just outside the university. From almost anywhere in town you can take either buses '''4''','''5''', or '''20''', all should bring you right up to it. You leave Luleå to a small suburb called [[Porsön]] and the busstop is ''Haparanda''. In fact, The street you should follow is called '''Haparandavägen'''. Just follow this rpad and you'll run into the roundabout, head on the E4 direction [[Ruvik]], most people aren't going much farther than Ruvik but they can drop you off at the entrance to the '''E4/E10'''.
===Transportation in Luleå===
This is a ''very'' easy town to use the bus without paying. In most of Sweden you cannot pay for the bus with cash so you have to use a credit card or send a text message from your cellphone. So simply explain you are foreign and don't have a credit card, that you're passing through and don't own a cell phone either. Most of the time (in my case 100% of the time) the driver will simply let you ride for free. I don't know if these excuses work when a control checks you so it helps to have the conversation with the driver first if you are nervous about a fine.

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