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=== West towards [[Chambéry]], [[Lyon]], [[Grenoble]] ([[France]]) ===
The best way is starting from the petrol station "Rivoli Nord", in Alpignano town, in which you can get very easily. Take the bus 32 (ticket "biglietto interurbano", costs less than 2 euros) and go till the headline "Robotti". From there take Via rivoli Rivoli and walk it down till the end (more or less 1 km). Right before the highway there is a a small country road on the left which goes along the highway. It will take you directly to the petrol station. Once there you just have to climb a small follow the fence (less than 1 meter since it's until you reach the revolving doors. Another way to get here if coming from Mezcal squat in Colegno is by train from the Colegno train stop and by getting of at the next one in Alpignano. Coming out of the train station you are already bent)on Via Rivoli.
On the A32 (E70) in Susa (about 20km from Torino), there is a truck stop (with petrol station and restaurant) where you will find a lot of trucks going both ways (to Chambéry or Turin). You can get in Susa by train and the spot worth the effort.

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