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== Muscat ==
Hitching in and around the area of Muscat is very difficult, making up for the ease of the rest of the country. Too much traffic, too many taxis, and the people see too many tourists. They are curious, but often by the time they decide to make a decision they have been swept away by the rest of the traffic. Using the micro-buses inside the city might be a viable option as they only cost 500 baizas (0.500 Rial, around 1.20 Euro). Most of them go to the central terminal in the Ruwi area, which is also the terminal for long-distance buses.
Muscat is a pain to get out of, it is an incredibly long, stretched and highly dense city, as all the people live along the coastal strip. One thing to try is finding a small entrance to the main road, and try waving to cars about to enter the highway, tell them you have no money for a taxi, if they could take you to where they are going. Often times they will take you all the way to where you need to go in the city. As they hardly never see a backpacker, you are more of a novelty than the hordes of retired tourists and aging ex-pats that crowd the place.

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