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Świecko border crossing

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'''Świecko''' is the name of the [[Poland|Polish]]-[[Germany|German]] border crossing at the [[E30]] ([[A12_A12 (Germany)|A12]] in Germany and [[A2_A2 (Poland)|A2]] in Poland) close to [[Frankfurt Oder]] and [[Słubice]].
It is also the name of a village close by.
Supposing you didn't hitchhike to Świecko, you can get there easily from the [[Słubice]] railway station. When you get out of the station, go left (southward) instead of right (as to the city of Słubice). You will soon see a lot of trucks, simply follow them and you will get to the checkpoint at the Polish-German border.
===Going East: [[Poznań|Poznan]], [[Warsaw]], [[Łódź|Lodz]] ===You can find a driver to Świecko quite easily along the [[A2_A2 (Germany)|A2]] for example in [[Berlin#Rasthof Michendorf|Michendorf]]. From the border crossing you can easily catch rides to the bigger cities in Poland, but with some luck you could even catch a ride to [[Lithuania]], [[Ukraine]], [[Belarus]]. Sign advisable.
===Going West: [[Berlin]], [[Hannover]], [[Hamburg]]===
If your driver is going to Berlin and you want to hitchhike further here is good place to get dropped. Sometimes, most cars seem to go only to Berlin (in the evening/at nightime?).
It might be even better to get out at the last petrol station in Poland a few kilometers before, because most drivers stop there to refill cheap fuel and buy cigarettes. Don't accept a lift to the next ("Biegener Hellen") service station in Germany (15-20km), very few people stop there.   

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