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Hitchhiking works very well in '''Switzerland''', especially in the mountain regions and small country roads, where it is quite common to pick up wanderers and hitchhikers. It's also quite easy to get lifts with truck drivers from [[Germany]] to [[Italy]] and back. There are not that many service stations along the highways, and some are not open 24 hours.
Since the mid-December 2008 Switzerland is officially part of the [[Schengen Agreement|Schengen Area]], and long existed cross-border passport checks are on a way to be abolished.
==Hitching at the border==
Since in not legal to hitch on motorways (petrol stations are allowed though), you should avoid to get dropped at the border.
Bikepunk got dropped at the border on the motorway close to [[Geneva|Geneve]] and the border staff asked him to get out of there (He just went a bit further and hid behind a wall (not the best to hitch) and finally someone picked him up).
[[File:Lausanneswitzerland.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Anthony hitching in [[Lausanne]]]]
* [[Basel]]
* [[Bellinzona]]
* [[Biel/Bienne|Biel]]
* [[Chiasso]]
* [[Duedingen]]
* [[Fribourg]]
* [[Geneva|Geneve]]
* [[Lausanne]]
* [[Luzern]]
* [[Marly]]
* [[Neuchâtel]]
* [[St. Gallen|St.Gallen]]
* [[Winterthur]]
* [[Zürich]]
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