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Random Roads/Ideas

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It's a mag about football, but far far away from the playing field - would something comparable be interesting for a hitchhikers mag?'''a mag about and for hitchhikers, which takes place far away from the road?''' (because actually there is not much to describe about hitchhiking than sticking your thumb out or hold a sign, it's as easy as playing football ;) ) far more interesting are the thousands of side effects you experience while hitchhiking and i wouldn't mind reading some recipes from Italian truck drivers or Music-Tips by a Spanish sextoy-seller for example..
: Hey [[User:Wukk|Wukk]], great ideas! I agree with what you say about the style, that it shouldn't be (too) serious. Irony and humor is essential. The main thing of the magazine would be in my opinion everything related to hitchhiking, which can include a lot of different things. Though some stuff about the act of hitchhiking itself is needed - I would say. And also sharing of tips& tricks and tactics. And to inspire others. So, a blend of different things is maybe key. I would call it the main theme of the magazine to cover everything related to hitchhiking, all what happens around it. In the end though the thing will be made by the ones who contribute and the ideas that we all spread. So let's see where this goes...! Do you have specific things you would like to cover already for [[Random Roads/Issue 0|Issue 0]]? --[[User:Robino|Robino]] 01:16, 19 September 2008 (CEST)
== Recurrent stuff and other topics ==
* A column from some hitchhikers.
* A [[Hitch Source|Q&A Where people can ask questions]] - A place for any question you always wanted to ask a hitchhiker. Answers could be edited by multiple people, or people could give their personal answer.
* [[Postcards|Random Roads/Postcards]] - A post-card is a short message that you would send or already have send someone. Think of your driver, your hitchhiker, a friend, family, your host, someone you met on the road, etc.
* find hitchhikers from the 60s and 70s who have interesting stories to tell, so it could become a nice story from another decade with photos, maps, etc...for example a trip to India in the 70s..
* photo-fiesta, collect and publish the most amazing hitchhiking-photos from all over the world.
== [[Random Roads/Issue 0|Issue 0]] ==
The idea is to give each issue a separate theme. Themes for the first issue would be 'the modern nomad', Syria and another country. [[User:Robino|Robino]] started collecting stories from and interviews with people that have been/ are living a nomad life and who can help to inspire others, or who have tips and tricks, etc. [[User:Platschi|Platschi]] is working on the [[Syria]] feature.
There is no limit to your creativity, if you want to [[Random Roads/Submit|submit]] drawings related to this, cartoons or photos, for example, that would be great.
* Hitchhiking in the Ukraine (especially since it seems likely that the Ukraine will be place we will be having [[789]].
* Stuff that is already on this wiki.
** [[Top tips|Top Tips]], [[Finding accommodation]], [[Picking up hitchhikers]].* Reports on [[project 888|888]]
* Maybe middle page could be a map of Europe (very simple) with hitchhiking spots? At the other side of this page info about crucial spots for leaving big cities. So everyone can take this page out and carry around.

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