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A7 (Germany)

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The '''A7''' crosses [[Germany]] from north to south, starting at the [[Denmark|Danish]] border and ending at the [[Austria]]n border. From Denmark till Würzburg it's part of the european route [[E45]].
It is the longest national motorway in [[Europe]] and also one of the most frequented in [[Germany]]. This makes it a great place for getting long rides very easy.
* [[Soltau]]
* '''(45) {{Ramp}} [[Soltau]]-Süd (B3)''' {{bad}}
** There's an [[Rest area|Autohof]] {{Gas}}{{Rest}} where you can try to find a lift. Hitching next to the street is hard because there are caravan brothels.
* {{Junction}} Hannover ([[A2 (Germany)|A2]])
* [[Hannover]]
* {{Gas}}{{Rest}} Riedener Wald
* [[Würzburg]]
* {{Junction}} Kreuz Biebelried ([[A3 (Germany)|A3]], [[E45]])
* [[Ulm]]
* {{Gas}}{{Rest}} Illertal
* {{Junction}} Kreuz Memmingen ([[A96_A96 (Germany)|A96]], [[E54]])
* [[Memmingen]]
* {{Gas}}{{Rest}} Allgäuer Tor
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