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Carlisle, Cumbria

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{{Infobox UK Location
|country = England
|state = North West (England)
|map = <map view='0' lat='54.900' lng='-2.93' zoom='13' />
|pop = 71,773 ''(2001)''
|motorways = [[M6 (GB)|M6]]

'''Carlisle''' is a city in [[Cumbria]], [[North West (England)|North West]] [[England]].

== Hitching out ==
=== North towards [[Glasgow]], [[Scotland]] on [[M6 (GB)|M6]] or A7 ===
Scotland Road, later turning into Kingstown Road, leads to a junction with the M6 in the north of Carlisle.

There is a small filling station on Kingstown Road about 1km (0.6 miles) south of the junction. Much of the traffic seems to be local.

Hitchwiki maps suggest that you stand next to the slip road to the motorway. This advice might be older, from a time when the A689 right between Kingstown Road and the slip road weren't built yet. The place is narrow and not the safest place to stop.

== Places to avoid ==

== Accommodation and Sleep ==
Wild camping places are good. Please '''do not''' add regular hostels.

== Other useful info ==


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