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There are three border crossings with [[Georgia]], through the towns of Ninotsminda (Georgia), Dmanisi (Georgia) and Bagratashen (Armenia). It is not possible to cross the border to [[Turkey]] or [[Azerbaijan]]. Near the border to Azerbaijan there can be unsecured fields of landmines and sometimes the conflict at this border escalates.
[[Armenia]] has one border crossing with [[Iran]]. You have to be a bit careful on this border, if you are hitchhiking from Iran, as there is 5 kilometers of forbidden zone, which means that it's only possible to move there by transport. I was stopped by Armenian border military guys, when i was just walking on the road, they took me back to the border, and MADE me to take taxi out of this zone! So don't walk too much after border, as soon as you will see army tower, stop or go back and try to hitchhike.
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