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== Hitchhiking out ==
=== North towards [[Berlin]], [[Magdeburg]] -> [[Hamburg]] {{Autobahn|14}}, South towards [[München]] {{Autobahn|9}} ===
;First option
It's also possible to get to the spot described above with tram #7 in direction ''Böhlitz-Ehrenberg''. Get out at the tram stop ''Georg-Schwartz-Strasse/Merseburger Strasse''. From there, walk back some 10m towards the main road and walk right towards the ''Aral'' petrol station. Follow the road for 200m until you passed a ''Lidl'' supermarket, and after that some meters further you'll find a bus stop (''Lindenau Friedhof''). From there you can easily hitchhike a ride towards ''Dölzig'' and/or the motorway. Make sure to get out at the last traffic lights before the motorway. Just behind the traffic lights, there's a small bay where cars can stop easily. A sign might be useful. Hitchhiking ~800m further directly at the [[on-ramp]] is pretty dangerous, there's no place for cars to stop and traffic passes by pretty fast.
;Third option going ===North to either towards [[Berlin or ]] and [[Magdeburg]]/[[Hamburg (if you don't want to thumb it!)]] {{Autobahn|14}} === There is a brilliant spot to ask people for lifts at an "Aral"-petrol station which is the last one before the Autobahn 14 that also leads to onto the A9 to Berlin.
Take tram 16 in the direction of Messegelände and get off at "Hornbach Baumarkt" from here it's a '''15mins walk''' to the station but it's worth it. Walk in the same direction as the tram and take an immediate right onto "Dübener Landstraße" along the parking lot of the big hardware store. After passing the bridge over the B2 it becomes Nathusiusstraße. Keep walking straight until you reach Ztschortauer Straße where you turn left and walk another 300 metres until you see the "Aral"-petrol station on your left.
Asking people for a lift towards Berlin on the A9 or towards Magdeburg on the A14 (which is also the way to go for Hamburg) usually works just fine here.
Keep Do keep in mind that the first rest stop going north from here will be "'''Köckern" on the A9 ''' whereas it would be '''"Plötzetal" on the A14.''''''
=== East towards [[Dresden]] {{Autobahn|14}} {{Autobahn|38}} ===
Right after getting onto the A4 there's a restaurant that's okay during the day ([[User:Guaka|guaka]] found a long ride to almost Giessen from there). There's also a gas station before Erfurst (but after Jena).
== Hitching In ==

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