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# Or take buses 25, 4 or 4A from West Jerusalem to get to Har Ha'tsofim Junction, (French Hill). The place is usually crowded with hitchhikers, and drivers stop often. Most likely they will go only half ways, in which case you should ask to go down in the entry junction to their settlement, and continue hitchhiking from the bus station.
[[File:Israel-erga hitching out of jerusalem.jpg|thumb|250|right|[[User:Erga]] hitchhiking out of Jerusalem]]From the Beit HaArava Junction, head north on Road 90 until you reach the Tsemach Junciton at the bottom of the Kinneret. From there, You can either hitchhike to [[Tiberias]] by going westwards on Road 90, or use the [[Trempiyada]] (hitching spot) up to the Golan. People either drive up to Road 92 or Road 98 from there. Road 98 goes right up to the Golan, and Road 92 runs along the west coast of the Kinneret from where you can pick up Roads 789 or 87 to the Golan. Highway 789 connects to Road 98 from where you can chose to either continue north or head south. Road 87 also connects to 98, but a bit later, and it also turns west over the Kinneret or east through the center of the Golan until it picks up 98 at its end.
=== To [[Ramallah]], [[Samaria]] ([[Palestinian Territory]], [[West Bank]]) ===

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