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Hitchwiki:Hitchgathering/Website translation

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Handbook for website translation
To translate the website, you need to have an account on AND to be listed as a 'translator' on the same website. Creating an account is something you can do by yourself, becoming a translator is something you will be able to apply for from your profile. But until we figure out how to do that, you'll have to send a mail to the mailing list we use for organization (that you can sign up to on your profile).
Between two events, the menu structure can change quite a bit. Some menu items will stay, but the place they point to is likely to have changed too. So, when translating the menu, it's important to go through ALL the menu items, including those that seem to not have changed.
===General philosophy of menu translation===
Due to a drupal flaw, menu items are not considered part of the interface (and thus translatable with the cute blue bar), neither part of the content (thus translatable like a front page post). This is the trick we're using:
There are actually many more menu items than the eye can see. I just counted 44. Each menu item is set to show up only on one language. So, 7 of these items are tagged "english", and only those 7 show up on the english page. 7 others are tagged "french", so only those will show up on the french page. The english menu item of the list of participants ("who") is IN NO WAY linked to the french menu item for the same page ("qui"). So if we change the url for that page, and the french translator doesn't manually go and fill in the new url, the english menu item will work but not the french one.
===How to translate===

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