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=== East [[Arnhem]] ===
If you want to go east, direction [[Arnhem]] the best thing to do in my opinion is to take the train from central station to Bunnik(6 minutes), cross the footbridge across the highway, and walk to the petrol station 2km up the road witch you are able to see from the footbridge. This petrol station on the A12 is very effective. Within 10 minutes I usually find a ride at least to Arnhem. I have used this spot almost 1,5 years every weekend as my girlfriend lives in Germany. (From this place it is also possible to go to direction Berlin if you take the A50 north near Arnhem)
The main Library in Utrecht has a computer that you can use without paying for the internet. It's on the second floor, and as you face the room, there is a row of three computers in front of you (but behind the desk of the person who works there). The one that works for free is at the end of the row on the right from the perspective of sitting at the computer.
The library in the university area (Uithof) also has some computers with free internet. Enter the area by the Heidelberglaan, this is the street with only busses buses on it. There are two buildings build across the road. The second building (coming from the city centre) is connected to the library. The north of this building is connected to the computer rooms, which have a few computers with free internet, and dont don't require you to log in.
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