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Tel Aviv

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One possible spot for this is from the Central ("Merkaz"/"Savidor"/"Tzafon") train station, AKA Arlozorov Bus Terminal, there is a small ramp leading to Ayalon Highway South-bound. Most of the traffic is local, and traffic goes from here in 3 main direction: Ayalon South, Road 4 (Ashdod, South) and Road 1 to [[Jerusalem]] direction. On that ramp there is a little used bus stop, and a place for cars to brake. They often do, even if it seems improbable at first. See exact location [,34.797376&sspn=0.001239,0.001725&ie=UTF8&ll=32.082315,34.797419&spn=0.001239,0.001725&z=19 here].
Another spot is Holtz junction, ten minutres walk from the central bus station - Go to the end of Levinsky street, where the bus station is, and turn south before the bridge over the highway, until you get to a street called Kibbutz Galuyot. Then go left under the bridge. There is a bus stop there that is a good spot for rides south and east in the direction of Jerusalem - if the driver is going all the way to the Jerusalem area, ask them to drop you off at Latroun interchange - under the interchange bridge is a possible (not very good) spot, or walk a little bit south along highway 3 (about 5 minutes), past the monastary, there is a bus station that is a much better spot.
However, if 14.5NIS (3 Euro) is only a small part of your daily budget and you're not addicted to hitchhiking there is not really a good reason to go hitchhike - as the bus from Tel Aviv to [[Beer Sheva]] is pretty cheap, and from there you can continue south by thumb easily. Other two options for the adventurous from Tel Aviv:
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