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Irkeshtam border crossing

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'''[[Irkeshtam Pass]]'''
The Irkeshtam Pass is one of the major border crossings to China and belong to the network of the [[silk road]]. It is also the eastern end of the {{E|60}}. Road contidions are quite good (the chises Chinese keep improoving it as of October 2010), but the border formalities can be a bit tricky. For example it is not allowed for kyrgyz cars to cross. So you have to change at the border into a chinese vehicle. The border is opened during the day only and it is CLOSED on the weekends. The pass is approached from the city of [[Osh]] via [[Sary Tash]] on the kyrgyz side and from [[Kashgar]] via [[Ulugqat]] in the [[Xinjiang]] province from the chinese side. The road from Sary Tash to Irkeshtam is famous for road accidents because the pavement is in poor condition or not existing - but the scenery is fantastic (if weather conditions are good you can see Pik Lenin(7,134m))
Conditions can change any time. Please stay informed and update this side.
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