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Women hitchhiking

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===Choose your driver===
There are many different ways to get a ride from staying on the side of the road to asking directly to people at [[petrol stations]]. I personnaly like It could be better to ask to people because you can then have a feeling of who is driving. It is of course difficult to know what kind of people could a person be just from the look but the first contact when asking them may let you avoid guys who already have matcho or strange behaviour towards you.
If you want or have to stay on the edge of the road, your attitude will of course attract differently and different people. The 'positive attitude' thing is important but be aware of what you may suggest when standing and smiling. Body language is really important.
I have a friend who almost got raped when hitch hiking in Europe for the first time. I hitched with her a few month later and understood then how things may have happened as I saw her standing on a half highway road without sign indicating her direction thought there would be an interchange short further with 4 different directions, with a hughe smile, a slightly denuded t-shirt and a suggestive attitude. I am not saying we should all wear burka when hitch-hiking, some people also use their charm and flirt a little bit with people without any problems. It is just a matter of being aware of what and how we do it.

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