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==== Bus 31 ====
First, from Trg Studentski (Students Square) or Trg Slavia (Slavia Square) get bus number 31 all the way eastbound (ie, not to Trg Studentski) to the end of the route (you should see a lot of market people selling fruit on the right side of the bus). The bus closely follows the route of the motorway. From here, you leave the bus and it's a 10 minute walk straight down hill to the actual motorway.
From here you have 2 choices, you can either go west along the motorway to try to find an entrance ramp, or alternately 2km east is a petrol station, however, you have to either walk along the motorway, or through the grass on the verge, however, this gets very thick at times - it's pretty easy though, just hard work :) And take care, on the way to the petrol station is a police station at the motorway. 500m before the petrol station you also find a ramp, but with extremely low traffic. The petrol station is build on a hillside, so don't expect trucks to stop there, Serbian trucks seem to have problems enough to go uphill.
Take bus no. 31 from the city center (Trg Studentski -Students Square- or Trg Slavia -Slavia Square- or in front of the big Mac Donald), until you get to crossroads between Ustanička and Vojislava Ilića street (ask someone in the bus for Vojislava Ilića stop, but in case you miss it, it is the second stop before the last stop). From there walk to the bridge, cross it, go downstairs, and walk around 150 meters in opposite direction than cars passing by from that side of the motorway. There you will find a connection road to motorway, and it is the spot from where you can hitchhike towards the toll station. You should have sign which says "RAMPA" (toll station) in order to get a lift, otherwise you risk staying there for a long time :) It is possible that someone who is not going to the toll station, but to Leštane will give you lift, but it is no problem, since after he turns, you have only 10 minutes on foot to the toll station, once you reach it is easy to get direct rides all the way to Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia or even Turkey if the driver doesn't mind u to sleep over in his truck.
[[t0ma5]] hitchhiked here 3 times. , in 2009/10/11 and it worked very well for him.
==== Tram 7 ====
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