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Issyk-kul lake

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'''Issyk-kul''' is an amazing and huge lake in [[Kyrgyzstan]]. There is 182 km from east to west and 58 km from north to south. Surrounded by paved road. Distance on both sided are equal between Balykchy and Karakol (app. around 220km). Northern part is more developed than southern.
==Hitching Out==
==Hitching In==
Coming from [[Bishkek]] is a most common way.
==Places to Visit==
There are many valleys starting from road around Issyk-kul.
==Places to Avoid==
==Other Useful Info==
There is friendly geologist's service cars couple times in a week from Bishkek through Barskoon Valley to their party on more than 3500 meters altitude near Kumtor golg mine. Try hitch them. Great expirience among glaciers is guarantee.

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