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British Columbia

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* [[Vancouver]]
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* [[Vancouver Island]]
== Towns ==
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=== Golden ===
==== From Lake Louise continuing on Highway 1 eastbound ====
=== Crossing to [[Washington (State)|Washington]] ===
== Vancouver Island ==
=== General Information ===
The size of the island is underestimated. It's like a country itself, and it is covered with rainforest, thick rainforest and as the name suggests, it rains a lot! However Vancouver Island is filled with liberal and environmentally friendly people, hippy-like if you will, therefore hitching here is very common. Some parts of the island are quite rural and it can be easy to get stuck after dark in the soaking wet, so make sure to try to get where you're going early on in the day while there's still light.
Nanaimo can be difficult to hitch out of. If you're heading north, consider taking the bus from Nanaimo to Parkesville and hitching from there. After that, it can be easier to hitch on the old Island Hwy (19A), which also weaves it's way up the coast and is much more scenic. The traffic goes slower and there are no "Illegal Hitchhiking Pickup" signs like on the main highway.

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