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The bus station ''Sportweg'' makes a great hitchhiking spot. It's located right at the motorway entrance, but there's a traffic light, so cars are not too fast. You can either go there directly by bus, or take a tram to ''Hardturm'' from where it's five minutes walking.
There are also many ''S-Bahn'' trains stopping at the train station ''Hardbrücke''. (Or take bus #33 and #72, whose first stop after ''Hardbrücke'' is ''Pfingstweidstrasse'' or bus #54 to ''Sportweg''). When you take a train, walk up onto the bridge on the side closer to the city/main station, then turn right and go down the pedestrians ramp, then straight until you reach the main road ''Pfingstweidstrasse''. Turn left, cross the street. You can already start hitching here, there's enough space and cars, or you can walk closer towards the highwaymotorway. Or walk and hitch together. It's an excellent street. (update): As of June 2009, 'pfingstweidstrasse' is all under construction and thus nearly impossible to get a ride from.
=== Direction South ([[Italy]]) ===
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