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== Useful things ==
The library at ''Linnankatu/Kauppiaskatu'' (Slottsgatan/Köpmansgatan) has free lockers (only 30 cm wide) and free internet access for 15 minutes. For a longer time To reserve an hour at the computers for you, you can ask at the desk next to the computers .  === sleeping outside ===:To catch the morning ferry to reserve an hour for youSweden, [[User:Scandinaïve|Scandinaïve]] slept in the bushes not far from the castle ''Turun Linna'' twice and considers it a safe place. Better stay out of sight and beware of ticks. The library is situated on Linnankatu/Kauppiaskatu eastern riverside north of the big bridge (Slottsgatan/KöpmansgatanHelsinginkatu)was a calm place for [[User:Scandinaïve|Scandinaïve]]'s tent.
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