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Halle (Saale)

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== Hitching Out ==
?A good place to come to berlin (A9) and Leipzig/Dresden (A14) is the Aral gas station near wasserturm.You take tram number 1 headed "frohe zukunft" and get out at station "äußere hordorfer straße". There you can see it. Go there and ask the drivers. Even with that method it can take sometimes a while. If there is no one who goes directly to autobahn, ask if they go some kilometers on B100 - its the main way to both A9 and A14. If you want to Leipzig/Dresden led them put you out at McDonalds/Aral right before the A14-but go NEVER there if you want to Berlin!!!If you want to Berlin let them put you out one crossroad later theres a traffic light wheres room to stop,and its long time red so you can ask.
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