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Take the bus ("grön express" recommended, stops by just a few meters from the trucks) to "Stigs center" north of Gothenburg. A lot of trucks stop by to pause here and there's a good chance you'll get a ride.
=== Ferries : South towards [[Denmark]], [[Germany]] ===There are ferries going all the time to [[Denmark]] (Fredrikshavn) and [[Germany]] (Kiel) from the Stena Line terminal. Take tram 9, 3 or 11 to ''Masthuggstorget'' or just start from "Järntorget". From there walk towards the water and find the place where trucks and cars drive onto the ferries. Check-in starts 1.5 h before ferry departure, so be on time! (but drivers can still go in about 20 minutes before..). Have a sign with the country of destination on it. The best thing is that vehicles don't pay any extra for up to five passengers. There's about 4 ferries daily (seemingly more in summer) to Fredrikshavn and 1 to Kiel. Ask in the Stena Line office or check out the webpage or in English your sign, write GRATIS under the DK. Most drivers won't know it's free to take another passenger.
On the ferry to Fredrikshavn, you have 3 2 hrs to find a ride (visit the truckers special area) south, at least to the excellent trucker terminal heaven of Padburg, on the Danish/German border.
=== Stena Line Ferries towards [[Kiel]] ===

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