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Another option is to take the next bus-station after “Stormarnstraße”, get out just behind the bridge, cars also have here a nice chance to pick up hitchhikers.
Try to get a lift straight to Berlin or at least a petrol station on the A24, otherwise you might get lost..
=== Ferry to Gothenburg ===
There are many trucks going onto this ferry and stena line proudly calls it ''The trucker's route''.
This ferry used to be very very popular among hitchhikers when you could easily hitchhike onto the ferry for free and sleep whereever you wanted.
When stenaline changed the rules and made cabins obligatory things changed.
If you manage to enter the ferry as a seconddriver on a truck you pay approximately 250 SEK/32 EURO for the crossing.
This price includes Big all-inclusive buffe (310sek), Big breakfast buffe (110 SEK), a lunchbox to go when you leave in the morning (90SEK), a cabin that is to be shared with your driver and the crossing (710 SEK) The fee for the crossing can be avoided by hitchhiking with regular cars as well.
Boarding starts about 1.5 hours before departure.
== Info ==
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