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Image:Siegerehrung.JPG|The winner team of the [[abgefahren hitchhiking race 2010]]
Image:Hitchhiking_in_Salamanca_Spain_2010-05.JPG|[[User:Mikael|Mikael]] hitchhiking from [[Salamanca]] to [[Ávila]] in [[Spain]], May 2010.
Image:20040908.JPG|Audrone and [[User:Prino|Robert]] Prins on their 3rd anniversary, returning from the [[Athens]] Olympics on their way to [[Vilnius]]
Image:Berlin-schoeneweide.jpg|Hitchhikers leaving [[Berlin]] (April 2010).
==Images used in past==
Image:Berlin-schoeneweide.jpg|Hitchhikers leaving [[Berlin]] (April 2010).
Image:Japan.JPG|[[User:Gutuater|Gutuater]] hitching to the next hot spring town on Kyushu, [[Japan]] (Jan 2010).
Image:03012010050.jpg|[[GHOSTU]] near Tver', [[Russia]], in January, heading to Saint-Petersburg

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