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'''Ecuador''' is great for [[hitchhiking]], just be careful in some places, especially at the coast. Many pick-up trucks are there. Drivers might ask for money, but if you can explain your situation you will get away with it. Many Ecuadorians are happy to pick up a foreigner. It's not the safest country to hitchhike though.
Along the Panamericana there are several Toll-Stations ("Peaje"). Take a Overland-Bus in direction of your destination and get out at the first Toll-Station (normally 0,25cts - 0,50cts). You have a couple of seconds to ask the other drivers until you get kicked out by the police, but thats normally enough time to find a ride. If you are able to explain your situation in Spanish, you might be able to stay longer.
Buses in Ecuador are quite cheap (usually 1$/h), and will usually stop anywhere. On some roads, though, there are no buses at all, in which case hitchhiking can be a good alternative, and you will be most likely picked up quickly as well, tough it is more difficult to find a free ride on small roads. Very often the very first car that passes will pick you up.
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