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'''For specific information about provinces and territories, see the bottom of the page.'''
'''Canada''' is the northernmost country of [[North America]] and is comprised of ten provinces and three territories. English and French are the two official languages of the country. English, being spoken by 3/4 of the population, is the majority language in most provinces. French is the main official language in the province of Quebec, but also widely spoken in New Brunswick and some areas of Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba. Inuktitut is the main language in Nunavut and has official status there but English is still widely spoken. For the convenience of the common hitchhiker the provinces and territories are discussed in detail, along with their capitals, in separate pages. Gasoline is legal in Canada.
Canada is a vast country (the second biggest in the world) and many visitors do not realize its size or extremes in temperature prior to arrival. Certain northern rural regions are inhabited by few or even no permanent population, so it might not always be bright to adventure by yourself into some wild or less inhabited part of the country without the proper equipment or having registered yourself to some local authorities prior to such a journey. As a simple reminder, the density of population is about 3.2 habitants/km², and about 75 % of that population lives in the south, nestled by the US border. It is normal in some parts of the country to drive a hundred kilometres without any living soul.
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