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Los Angeles

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Hitching in Los Angeles, is the [[California]]n largest city of '''Los Angeles''' (LA) can be very difficult with the problem of many vagrant and "dangerous" looking individuals using this as a way to move aroundsouthwestern U. You know- train bums traveler kids. I dunno, if you don't wanna be lumped in their boat you may want to take public transportation part S state of the wayCalifornia. I'm fine with being lumped in that boat, how bout u?
Really, L.A. basically sucks bigtime because it is full Hitching in the [[California]]n city of incredibly superficial people '''Los Angeles''' (LA) can be very difficult with perfect suntans and shit. Hollywood, you get the picture. Getting rides is hard problem of many vagrant and plus it's hard "dangerous" looking individuals using this as a way to hitchhike out move around. And some of because the most unpleasant citizens of sprawlthe U. The bag ladies here are coolS reside in the city, so an experienced hitchhiker would watch his/her step.
The only cool place in L.A. (if you're a moderately or even slightly dirty by nature) Getting rides is Venice hard and specifically Venice Beachplus it's hard to hitchhike out of because of sprawl. And Venice Beach is a trip. 50% Also, in the endless-looking traffic of the people in Venice Beach are floridly schizophrenic. There are certain streets where city, drivers may not want to give you a ride, or simply not see you can just camp out and smoke pot openlybecause of tiredness or stress, whateveror simply because they won't see you... Ask where Sonia At nights, no star is- shevisible in the city, and not because of the lights; it's this amazing crazy woman with a mustache who gives constant monologuesbecause of the extreme- insane Shakespearelevels of smoke and air pollution, and that explains the amount of vehicles in L. You can't talk to her she won't stop talking to herselfA.
Go to Mao's kitchen in Venice Beach, 1 meal costs $10 but feeds 3 people. Amazing tasting & incredibly vegetarian friendly ("what's your protein" etc.) And this person Sonia might still be living in front of it.
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