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'''Napoli''' is a city in the south of [[Italy]]. It has little tourism compared to many other great cities in Italia and so it becomes a wild cesspool of treasures and crazy locals. Don't drink the barrel wine, it tastes like vinegar.
==Hitching Out==
===North towards [[Roma]]===
Right behind the central station is a road that leads to the autostrada towards the north. Hitching in this kind of area is really quite difficult because of its central location and the perhaps fear of other seemingly dangerous locals. [[User:Whisperingofthestars|Jason]] and his friend waited almost two hours for a real ride not asking for money. It was the first time in a month of hitching the south of europe had they been asked for currency.
==Public Transport==
Naples is really walkable. Scour those fantastic narrow streets in the Spanish quarter. There is also a metro and buses.
==Places to Visit==
Everywhere. Go to the small islands. Go to Pompeii, the ancient volcano destroyed town of 2000 years ago. Gaze through people's windows at families sitting together, shouting at the walls, smiling, crying.. Have pizza.
==Places to Avoid==
The outer areas of Napoli are reputed to be dangerous but..
==Accommodation and Sleep==
Hospitality sites may be your best bet, but try to arrange it in advance, if possible. Getting stuck in Napoli for the night with a huge backpack isn't the most desirable of adventures.
There are conenctions to [[Corse]], [[Sardegna]] and [[Sicilia]] from Napoli.

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