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{{Infobox Italian Location
|country = Italy
|map = <map lat='40.85' lng='14.25' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/>
|pop = 975,00
|plate = NA
|motorways = A1, A3, A16
'''Napoli''' is a city in the south of [[Italy]]. It has little tourism compared to many other great cities in Italia and so it becomes a wild cesspool of treasures and crazy locals. Don't drink the barrel wine, it tastes like vinegar.
Hospitality sites may be your best bet, but try to arrange it in advance, if possible. Getting stuck in Napoli for the night with a huge backpack isn't the most desirable of adventures.
There are conenctions to [[Corse]], [[Sardegna]] and [[Sicilia]] from Napoli.

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