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'''Poznań''' is a city in western [[Poland]] with about 550 thousand inhabitants. It's a capital of Wielkoplskie region.
==Public Transport==
The city has efficient public transport system with daytime trams and buses operating from 5.00 till 23.00 and nighttime buses and one tram running every half an hour. In Poznań you can not buy tickets at the driver, you can get them in newsagents (kiosk) and grocery shops, and there is more and more ticket machines on the stops. 15 minutes ticket costs 2 PLN (May 2009). Drivers don't care if you have a ticket and all the doors are open on stops, but there are controllers checking tickets from time to time. Here's an interactive [ map] of public transport. Click T for tram (tramwaj) lines and A for bus (autobus) lines. To see timetables click tram/bus stops.
==Hitching Out== ===West towards [[Berlin]], [[Germany]]===
<map lat='52.406667' lng='16.923611' zoom='10' view='0' float='right'/>
Go to <i>Ogrody</i> (see above) and take bus no. 61 direction <i>Krzyżowniki</i>. Get out at the ninth stop called <b><i>Ul. Wichrowa</i></b> and walk along the road for about 300 m then you will see petrol station and McD's. Ask drivers there or stay on the road with sign or thumb. Also about 100 m after this place is a bus stop so it's more convenient for drivers to stop their car.
===East towards [[Warszawa]], [[Łódź]]===
* <b>By motorway (autostrada) A2 (E30), from toll booths</b>
Another option is getting to suburb town called <i>Swarzędz</i>. From city center go to tram stop <b><i>Rondo Śródka</i></b> (trams 4, 17 direction <i>Starołęka</i>, 6, 8 direction <i>Miłostowo</i>) and then take bus no S-1 from bus station behind Lotos petrol station, direction <b><i>Swarzędz</i></b>). After about 20 minutes bus will turn left (near Lidl shop) then go out, turn back to the main road and hitch some meters after crossroad, junction, traffic lights, whatever. About 300 m further from this place there's Shell petrol station and huge parking for truckers. If you are not lucky there try also the traffic lights across the petrol station.
===Northeast towards [[Gdańsk]], [[Bydgoszcz]], [[Toruń]]===
* <b>By national road (droga krajowa) 5 (E261)</b>
Take bus no. 73 direction <i>Janikowo/Ogrodnicza</i> from place called <i>Rondo Sródka</i> and get out after 11 stops (about 15-18 minutes) at bus stop called <b><i>Bogucin Bałtycka</i></b>. Hitch on this bus stop, it's on the road to Gniezno, Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk just after junction with Poznań bypass. You should notice railways nearby and crossed Poznań sign (end of the city zone).
===North towards [[Koszalin]], [[Piła]]===
* <b>By national road (droga krajowa) 11</b>
From city centre e.g. <i>Rondo Kaponiera</i> take tram 9, 11 to <b><i>Piątkowska</i></b> and get out at the last stop. From there go north along <i>Piątkowska</i> street to the first junction, then turn west (left) and go to roundabout <i>Rondo Obornicka</i>. On roundabout turn north again (right) and enter national road no. 11 (you will see hipermarket Carrefour next to you). You can hitch after roundabout or anywhere along <i>Obornicka</i> street where is a place to pull over. There's almost always traffic jam, so cars go slowly, which helps hitchhikers.
===Northwest towards [[Szczecin]], [[Gorzów Wielkopolski]]===
See direction Berlin by national road (droga krajowa) 92 as it's the same spot.
===South and southhwest towards [[Wrocław]], [[Zielona Góra]]===
* <b>By national road (droga krajowa) 5 (E261)</b>
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