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<map lat='40.15683567591309' lng='25.850143432617188' zoom='10' view='0' float='right' />
'''Gökçeada''' (also known as '''Imbros''') is a [[Turkey|Turkish]] island in the Aegean Sea. It’s located to the north of the entrance of Dardanelles Strait. Although quite small by world standards, this is the largest island of island-poor Turkey.
== Hitching in ==
There are two harbours with a ferry service to Gökçeada: One of them is located in the city of [[Çanakkale|Canakkale]] (in Asian side of the Strait) and the other is the port of [[Kabatepe]] which is located in a rather remote place on the western coast of Gallipoli Peninsula (in European side of the Strait). Kabatepe can be accessed by a road forking to right from the major [[Istanbul]]-Canakkale highway (number: D550/E87/E90) a few km before [[Eceabat]] – a town in the peninsula with ferry links to Canakkale.
It’s not certain whether pessengers are included in the ferry ticket fee of cars or if they should pay an extra.
== Hitching around ==
In summer, it’s extremely easy to hitch around the island, provided there are cars passing by. Just walk to the edge of the villages. Sometimes, you don’t even have to thumb, drivers passing by just stop and ask where you are heading to. Turkish and Greek are good languages to communicate as there are both Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking communities living on the island. English is also good because island has a large diaspora in English-speaking countries such as [[United States of America|USA]] or [[Australia]], members of which return to island in summers to visit their ancestral homes. If you are not sure how to approach to your driver, start with Turkish: even diaspora islanders usually can speak at least some (broken) Turkish.
In winter, hitching can be rather difficult as island roads - already way far from being congested - are likely to be really deserted.
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