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West Bank

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Hitchhiking in the '''West Bank''' ([[Palestinian_Territory|Palestinian territories]]) is a game of chance, but still very common. Some people, especially Jewish settlers, tend to carry guns. Hitchhiking is popular especially among the settler's youth, although there were cases they were targeted by militants while hitchhiking.
Among the Palestinians, hitchhiking is not common at all - yet that does not mean it's difficult to get rides. For short distances especially, you are likely to encounter their hospitality and get a ride quite quickly. Notice that while they will wait in Israeli checkpoints, you will most likely have to wait with them.
[[Image:Guaka-hitching-west-bank-2008.jpg|thumb|right|250px|[[User:Guaka|guaka]] hitching to [[Jerusalem]] at [[night]] in West Bank, together with a German guy. Thanks to a torch they found a ride in half an hour!]]

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