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{{infobox Country
|country = of Armenia
|map= <map lat='40.212440718286466' lng='45.2197265625' zoom='7' view='0' float='right' />
|language = Armenian (Eastern Dialect)
|capital = [[Yerevan]]
|pop = 3,231,900
|currency = Dram (AMD)
|hitch = {{very good}}}}
'''Armenia''' is a country in [[Central Asia]].
[[Yerevan]] is its capital. Hitchhhiking Hitchhiking here is very easy , and quite safe here, comparable safer when compared to [[Turkey]]. According to rumours, some Some drivers might wanna charge some money - however, Joeri never ended up in a situation like that. The main point if before you sit into the car you make clear you are not going to pay you can avoid misunderstandings at the end of consideration are the poor road conditionsride.
The main point of consideration are the poor road conditions.
* [ Digihitchabout Armenia]
{{IsIn|Central Asia}}

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